Our team

Formworks Building Inc.

Architects and purveyors of the building kit.

~ Team Permit ~

Hamilton Land Planning

Helped us navigate the process of obtaining a building permit.

RI Engineering

Created the site plans and provided civil engineering consultation.

Edmundson & Associates

Conducted a survey of our property.

Dees & Associates, Inc.

Geotechnical engineers

Blueprint Express

For printing many, many, many copies of our plans.

Bright Green Strategies

Helped us meet all the energy conservation related codes.

~ Team Build It ~

Frank Van Landigham

General contractor and fearless leader of this whole operation.

Ron Pomianowski

Installed our upgraded septic system and dug trenches for the fire hydrant.

Jackson Plumbing

Installed our new water tanks and performed all the plumbing work.

Flautt Electric

Responsible for all the electrical work.

Apollo Builders

Installed the radiant floor heating system.

A Tool Shed

Where we rented all the heavy equipment.

Scotts Valley Rockery

Truckloads of pebbles, rock and dirt.

Las Animas Concrete and Graniterock

Truckloads of concrete.

Continental Inn Santa Cruz

Provides cozy accommodations for our visitors.

Grizzly Concrete Cement Pumping

Pumped concrete for the foundation, retaining walls and slab.

Permanent Concrete Products

Provided concrete stamps, color products and PermaGlow stones.